AC Tri-wheel Electric Forklift
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AC Tri-wheel Electric Forklift

Experience the power and versatility of the AC Tri-wheel Electric Forklift with its compact design and advanced AC technology.


  • Our AC tri-wheel electric forklift truck has adjustable steering wheel that can be turned up to 90 degrees in either direction, resulting in its exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • The cab has broad space where a driver can rest his feet. It is of antiskid design.
  • The truck body is of double damping design.
  • The joystick is sideward designed.
  • Drawer-type battery case, easy for battery changing.
  • It adopts powerful dual front wheel drive system.
  • Compared to a four wheel electric forklift trucks, this AC tri-wheel forklift has a much tighter turning radius than a four wheeled truck that is roughly the same size.
  • It has imported high performance alternating electric control system.
  • This AC tri-wheel electric forklift truck is of high capacity battery and streamline outline.
  • It is available with a loading capacity ranging from 1.3 to 2 tons.
  • Our AC Tri-wheel electric forklift trucks are very efficient when used on smooth concrete floors.



Power typeBATTERY (AC)
Rated capacity (kg)1300150018002000
Load center (mm)500500500500
Total weight (kg)30003100310031003280320033903300
TireExtra-elasticity solid tire
Front tire size15×4.5-816×6-815×4.5-816×6-815×4.5-816×6-816×6-816×6-8
Rear tire size965/180965/879965/180965/879965/180965/879980/180965/879
Length to fork face (mm)20402167204021672040216720402167
Overall width (mm)11301130113011301130113011301130
Height of the overhead guard (mm)21322132213221322132213221322132
Lift height (mm)3000-6000
Lifting Speed with/without load (mm/s)350/520330/520330/520300/520
Travel speed with/without load (mm/s)16161616
Min. turning radius (mm)16751988167519881675198816751988
Climbing ability (%)16161616
Drive motor (kw)4.5×24.5×24.5×24.5×2
lifting motor (kw)
battery voltage (V)48484848
battery capacity (AH)560(680)560(680)560(680)680
battery weight (KG)870(1080)870(1080)870(1080)870(1080)
ModelPower typeRated capacity (kg)Load center (mm)Lift height (mm)Engine Options
FB13ACSAC Electric13005003000-6000ZAPI
FB15ACSAC Electric15005003000-6000
FB18ACSAC Electric18005003000-6000


Optional configurations for our DC electric forklift truck include solid tires, double front tires, no mark tires, alarm flash, rear work light, widened fork holder, supper high backrest, sheath of fork, windscreen with wiper, damping chair, safe belt, customized color, lengthened fork, rob, boom, job, bucket, hinged forks, side shift, rotators, fork positioners, telescopic forks, drum clamps, pull-push, paper roll clamps, bale clamps, carton clamps, etc.