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Diesel Forklifts

Oil-cooled engine, and oil-immersed disc brakes reduce service costs and parts required.


  • Oil-cooled engine, and oil-immersed disc brakes reduce service costs and parts required.
  • Innovative design ensures outstanding durability.
  • Maximum maneuverability.
  • Impressive lift capacity and rapid cycle time.



1.5 – 3.5 Ton Diesel Forklift

Model designationFD15 CFD18 CFD25 CFD30 CFD35 C
EngineXinchai C490/IsuzuXinchai C490/IsuzuXinchai C490/IsuzuXinchai C490/IsuzuXinchai C498 /Isuzu 4JG2
Rated Power37 – 42Kw37 – 42Kw37 – 42Kw37 – 42Kw45Kw
Power UnitDieselDieselDieselDieselDiesel
Loading capacity1500 kg1800 kg2500 kg3000 kg3500 kg
Load center500 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm
Total weight2675 kg2910 kg3800 kg4450 kg4550 kg
Tire size (front)6.50-10 10PR6.50-10-10PR7.00-12-12PR28*9-15-12PR28*9-15 12PR
Tire size (rear)5.00-8 8PR5.00-8-8PR6.50-9-10PR6.50-10-1OPR6.50-10 10PR
Wheels, number front/rear2/22/22/22/22/2
Length of fork face2230 mm2270 mm2565 mm2680 mm2720 mm
Overall width1075 mm1075 mm1150 mm1225 mm1225 mm
Lifting height3000 – 5000 mm3000-5000 mm3000-6000 mm3000-6000 mm3000-6000 mm
Ground clearance100 mm100 mm110 mm1 10 mm110 mm
Min. turning radius2060 mm2100 mm2250 mm2300 mm2340 mm
Travel speed, with/without load0 – 20 km/h0-20 km/ h0-20 km/h0-20 km/hO-20 km/h
Lifting speed, with/without load590/650590/650600/550490/510490/510
Climbing ability23%23%23%23%23%
Service brakeHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Fuel tank capacity35 L35 L55l55 l80 l
Working pressure14 – 15.5 mpaI4-15.5 mpa14-17 mpa14-17 mpa15-18 mp

FD50 & FD70 Forklift

Power Unit DieselDiesel
EnginePerkins 1104DPerkins 1104D
Loading capacity  5000 kg7000 kg
Side Shift600 mm600 mm
Tare8340 kg9350 kg
Tyre size (front)8.25-15-l4PR8.25-1 5-1 4PR
Tyre size (rear) 8.25-15-l4PR8.25-15-l4PR
Wheels, number front/ rear 4 front / 2 rear4 front / 2 rear
Max. lifting height 3000 – 6000 mm3000 – 6000 mm
Min turning radius (outer) 3250 mm3450 mm
Travel speed (with/without load)26/28 km/h26/28 km/h
Lifting speed (with/without load)350/500 mm/s350/500 mm/s
Rated power kW — RPM 74.5 kw @ 2400 rpm74.5 kw @ 2400 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 120 L120 L