Earth moving solutions.

Feeler Africa is a professional forklift, material handling equipment manufacturer and earth moving company, dedicated in the research and production of forklift trucks, material handling equipment and earth moving machines.

Feeler Africa’s material handling equipment and forklift trucks come with high working and energy efficiency, making them ideal for applications in stations, docks, airports, workshops, warehouses, distribution centers, etc. With high quality and competitive prices, Feeler Africa products sets themselves apart from competition.

Feeler Africa is located in Kempton Park, Gauteng where we have access to convenient transportation facilities by land, and air. Therefore, we can ship our products at reduced shipping costs. Please feel free to contact us and we will provide high quality products and services to you!

Feeler Africa
Earth moving solutions

Founded company

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New Equipment

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Global launch of products

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The road to success

Feeler Africa started in 2009 with earthmoving and forklift services. During our years of operation, we have extended our range of services and is currently involved in various industries, including but not limited to earthmoving and plant hire.

We aim to provide a quality service to our clients that are on time and cost-effective. We base the success of our company on the values of professionalism and integrity with which we deliver our services.

We are also working together with various other companies to ensure that we provide our clients with the best service and equipment.

Earth moving solutions
Earth moving solutions
Earth moving solutions

We approach the workplace as something that adds to our lives and adds value to world.

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Products sold

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R8.9 million

We’re proud that our customers have made over R8.9 million in total revenue.

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Transactions this year

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